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The Unguru

Welcome! Bon Journo! Salutations! Other Greetings!

HI, I am the Unguru the little guy who decided to make this site. The purpose of this site is pretty simple. I felt there was a real need for truly introductory tutorials on some of the more advanced investing ideas, methods, and markets out there. You see the truth is web sites discussing things like penny stock investing or forex trading robots for example are probably trying to sell you there system or membership or ice if you are an Eskimo. My point being that there just isn’t any real content out there that is short and to the point answering the most basic questions you might have. So that is what I am trying to create here.


So take a sip of your cup of joe and have a look around. If there is anything you think I should ad feel free to contact me or vote in a poll. i promise I am listening and hope to add content on a regular basis. While I may not be a a guru I ham the holder of practical advise so here some for free. Don’t get married to younger attractive woman if you are old, ugly, and rich. I assure you they are not after your personality.